Talinum calycinum

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Noun1.Talinum calycinum - pink-flowered perennial of rocky regions of western United States
genus Talinum, Talinum - genus of mainly American more-or-less succulent herbs
Talinum aurantiacum, flame flower, flameflower, flame-flower - plant with fleshy roots and erect stems with narrow succulent leaves and one reddish-orange flower in each upper leaf axil; southwestern United States; Indians once cooked the fleshy roots
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Among the many flowers will be Aster oblongifolius 'October Skies' Aromatic Aster lavender and Talinum calycinum Fameflower lavender, a "gorgeous lavender flower with wonderful texture and interest." Carleo adds, "Tenants having lunch or guests invited up to the roof for an after hours cocktail party will be able to take in the views and enjoy the splendor.