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also tal·lis  (tä′lĭs, tä-lēt′)
n. pl. tal·lits or tal·li·tot (tä-lē′tôt, -tôs, -lā′-) also tal·lis·es also tal·li·sim (tä-lē′sĭm, -lā′-) Judaism
A shawl with ritually knotted tassels at each of four corners traditionally worn by Jewish men and boys, especially at morning prayer. Also called prayer shawl.

[Mishnaic Hebrew ṭallît, cover, from Hebrew ṭillēl, to cover, from Aramaic ṭallel, from ṭəlāl, shade; see ṯ̣ll in Semitic roots.]
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(ˈtælɪθ; Hebrew taˈliːt)
n, pl tallaisim (tæˈleɪsɪm) or tallites, tallitot (Hebrew -liːˈtɔt)
1. (Judaism) a white shawl with fringed corners worn over the head and shoulders by Jewish males during religious services
2. (Judaism) a smaller form of this worn under the outer garment during waking hours by some Jewish males
[C17: from Hebrew tallīt]
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