Tallow chandler

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one whose occupation is to make, or to sell, tallow candles.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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As a result of her learning success, Helen has this year won the City & Guilds Vocational Learner Medal for Excellence, the top UK Tallow Chandler award and the Employee in Learning Award at Niace Dysgu Cymru's Inspire!
He was the son of Josiah Franklin, an Englishman from Northamptonshire, who in 1683 sailed to Boston and worked as a tallow chandler producing candles and soaps.
The precocious son was hardly likely to follow in his father's footsteps as a tallow chandler (the lad had an aversion to rats of animal fat, and as a teenager he became a vegetarian partly to save money for books).
Last year, I won the Tallow Chandler Medal as BP's top apprentice.
The glories of the soap boiler and tallow chandler, the shoe maker and hat manufacturer grown into millionaires, were as yet in the Chrysalis State.
"The son of a Boston tallow chandler, Franklin was apprenticed at twelve to his brother James, a local printer, to whose newspaper he contributed a series of Addisonian essays, the Dogood Papers (1722).
O ganlyniad i'w llwyddiant dysgu, eleni, mae Helen wedi ennill Medal Rhagoriaeth Dysgwr Galwedigaethol City & Guilds, gwobr uchaf Tallow Chandler y DU a Gwobr Cyflogai mewn Dysgu yng Ngwobrau Ysbrydoli!
"However, as demand fell away, by the 1890s, of the 11 houses, 10 were unoccupied, with only the tallow chandler John Leeming and his wife living there."
Long before the modern St Paul's Church of England School was built, the school was housed in a grand hall built by John Dobson in 1851 for the city's Company of Barber Surgeons and Wax and Tallow Chandlers.
The event at Tallow Chandlers' ' magnificent hall was organised in conjunction with the City and Guilds examination body.
Bone saw, amputation knife, trephine drill and bit: This is part of a larger collection of tools from The Company of Barber Surgeons and Tallow Chandlers of Newcastle upon Tyne.
There are continuing fears for the future of a Grade II listed building which once housed a candle-making or tallow chandlers business.