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 (täl′mo͝od, tăl′məd)
n. Judaism
The collection of ancient Rabbinic writings consisting of the Mishnah and the Gemara, constituting the basis of religious authority in Orthodox Judaism.

[Mishnaic Hebrew talmûd, learning, instruction, from Hebrew lāmad, to learn; see lmd in Semitic roots.]

Tal·mu′dic (täl-mo͞o′dĭk, -myo͞o′-, tăl-), Tal·mu′di·cal (-dĭ-kəl) adj.
Tal′mud·ist (täl′mo͝o-dĭst, tăl′mə-) n.
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[tælˈmʊdɪk] ADJtalmúdico
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True vitality is G-dliness and the 'realm of holiness.'" Grounded firmly in quotes and wisdom from Biblical, Talmudic, and Kabbalistic sources, Overcoming Folly lives up to its title in its instruction for not only avoiding worldly follies, but also committing and devoting oneself to Torah in a manner that is above reason, and thus embodies the positive side of non-rational behavior.
It includes graphic scenes depicting the old blood libels of Eastern European infamy and a brutal execution of a Jew by a "Talmudic" court.
In Talmudic midrash, the first and the last item of a series are often considered especially important and somehow linked.
Interviewed in 1981 by Lily Mark about Hess's book, Scholem pointed out that almost everything presented by Hess as derived from the Kabbalab was Talmudic or Midrashic--that is, common in the Jewish literature centuries before the Kabbalah--and that Newman could have found his cabalistic-sounding titles (even Zimzum) in many other sources, such as Louis Ginzberg, whom he read as well.
Early on, the Talmudic authorities tried mightily to interpret the biblical law as narrowly as possible.
The present article treats a magic bowl that is written in an idiom that is related to Talmudic Aramaic.
Daniel Boyarin, a professor of Talmudic culture, mourns a mostly lost world, the post-biblical, Diaspora era (after 500) of Jewish learning and culture.
Ramallah, Feb.4 (Petra) -- Some 67 Jewish extremist settlers, including 30 students from Talmudic institutes and universities early Monday stormed Al-Aqsa Mosque/Haram Al Sharif compound in occupied Jerusalem, a Palestinian source confirmed.
Security sources told WAFA Israeli forces stood idly by as hundreds of armed settlers raided the Mar Saba area, where Greek Orthodox monastery of Mar Saba is located; which is considered is considered to be one of the oldest inhabited monasteries in the world, and performed Talmudic rituals there.
At the same time, hundreds of settlers stormed the town of Awarta, southeast of Nablus, and performed Talmudic rituals there with heavy security.
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WAFA added that small groups of Talmudic institutes students and supporters of organisations of the purported "temple structure" dressed in Talmudic attire stormed into the holy mosque escorted by guards.