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 (täl′mo͝od, tăl′məd)
n. Judaism
The collection of ancient Rabbinic writings consisting of the Mishnah and the Gemara, constituting the basis of religious authority in Orthodox Judaism.

[Mishnaic Hebrew talmûd, learning, instruction, from Hebrew lāmad, to learn; see lmd in Semitic roots.]

Tal·mu′dic (täl-mo͞o′dĭk, -myo͞o′-, tăl-), Tal·mu′di·cal (-dĭ-kəl) adj.
Tal′mud·ist (täl′mo͝o-dĭst, tăl′mə-) n.


1. (Judaism) a scholar specializing in the study of the Talmud
2. (Judaism) any of the writers of or contributors to the Talmud


(ˈtɑl mʊ dɪst, ˈtæl mə-)

1. a person versed in the Talmud.
2. one of the writers or compilers of the Talmud.
3. a person who accepts or supports the doctrines of the Talmud.
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Writing in the Orthodox journal Jewish Life, Talmudist and sociologist Gershon Kranzler presented Hasidism as a guide for the revitalization of American Jewry, which, in "the age of supermachines [sic], but also of mass neuroses and supreme individual insecurity [needs] the strength that derives from faith.
Why would the Zionist Talmudist state have such audacity to violate The Universal Declaration of Human Rights honoured by all nations, which states: "All human beings are born equal in dignity and rights"?
The great Talmudist Adin Steinsaltz once said that a Jew is not someone whose grandparents are Jewish but someone who wants his or her grandchildren to be Jewish.
As a philosopher, and not a Talmudist, Butler is thus a much easier and convenient target.
And Uriel climbed back into the car without looking at me and he turned up the volume on that late-night interview program he'd always liked, where a famous Talmudist was talking about the Palestinians, and I understood that he will not mention his conversation with the traffic cop, that we will act is if I had not heard.
Spector argues that Solomon Maimon--a Talmudist who, in Kant's view, wrote the age's most effective commentary on the Critique of Pure Reason--is linked with Kant not as a Jew objecting to Kant's possible anti-Semitism, but as a philosopher.
As Peter Brier wrote three years ago in an essay called "Walter Benjamin's sparks of holiness" for the Southwest Review: "He was at once the Talmudist laboriously testing each of the forty-nine interpretations, the Kabbalist searching for sparks of holiness embedded in the encrusted debris of the past, and the Marxist pursuing his dialectical path.
Winchell grilling her son on the Panther playbook like a Talmudist orally examining his finest student.
Even if his third and last wife had not been from an Ashkenazi family (the daughter of talmudist Zechariah Sechsel or Sachsel), it would be safe to say that whatever he knew of the tsvi owed much to European traditions.
Rabbi Matityahu Strashun (Russian Talmudist, 1817-1885), in his commentary to Baba Batra 14b writes: "Moses wrote his book and the section of Balaam and Job .
Here is what Maimonides, the great philosopher, physician, and Talmudist, had to say in his famous book, The Guide of the Perplexed, written in 1160: