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tam-tam 1

 (tŭm′tŭm′, tăm′tăm′)
A gong having a metal disk struck with a felt-covered hammer or stick used in a gamelan orchestra.

[Ultimately of imitative origin.]

tam-tam 2

 (tŭm′tŭm′, tăm′tăm′)
Variant of tom-tom.
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(Instruments) another name for gong1
[from Hindi: see tom-tom]
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(ˈtʌmˌtʌm, ˈtæmˌtæm)

1. a gong with indefinite pitch.
[1775–85; variant of tom -tom]
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Noun1.tam-tam - a percussion instrument consisting of a metal plate that is struck with a softheaded drumsticktam-tam - a percussion instrument consisting of a metal plate that is struck with a softheaded drumstick
percussion instrument, percussive instrument - a musical instrument in which the sound is produced by one object striking another
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He knew several French and English songs, and resolved to try them upon the Japanese, who must be lovers of music, since they were for ever pounding on their cymbals, tam-tams, and tambourines, and could not but appreciate European talent.
The musicians took up a position inside, and were vigorously performing on their gongs, tam-tams, flutes, bones, tambourines, and immense drums.
Animees au rythme des tam-tams et de Gnawa, certaines auberges organisent au profit de leurs clients des soirees musicales, a la lumiere des bougies et des nombreuses etoiles qui parsement et eclairent le ciel jusqu'a la lueur du matin.
Michelle Marshall Thunder was well loud in B26, daughter come home from being out - says a lot lol x Tammy Tam-Tams Griffiths Had a massive deluge in Bromford.
First there's deliciously over-the-top Song of the Volga Boatmen, with pounding tam-tams, and an hour later the disc ends with the jerky Canon on a Russian Popular Tune, from 1965, which sounds familiar since it uses finale theme from The Firebird.
Sur la place principale de la ville en partie desertee par ses habitants ayant fui l'occupation jihadiste, entre 2.000 et 3.000 personnes etaient rassemblees pour "dire merci" a la France, dansant au son des tam-tams, qui etaient interdits par les groupes islamistes, comme toute autre forme de musique.
Every day, the tam-tams played for marriages, baptisms and circumcisions.
Damascus, (SANA) -- With their diverse musical styles, the concerts of the "Music on the Road" project managed to captivate visitors of Damascus parks and entertain them, creating a state of unique interaction between the audience and the music.Visitors of al-Minshiyeh Park on Friday evening were treated to the music of the band Percomania, which performed a mix of western and eastern musical styles using various percussion instruments such as drums, derbakkeh, conga, tam-tams and bongos.Percomania, founded in 2008, consists of students, graduates and professors from the Higher Institute for Music.
You had to imagine not only griots, marabouts, soothsayers, and fetishists beating on tam-tams and plinking on balaphons, but also an Adolf Hitler who didn't know enough magic to turn himself into an echo or a vulture, and so was smoked and grilled in the bowels of his palace with his wife and dog.