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n.1.See Tambourine.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Imee Marcos was the last to arrive in an orange, red and gold gown with golden tamburin swags by Mak Tumang.
Also in this case, the kinesthetic differentiation disorder may be attributable to pain, which is a major symptom of CTS, since, as indicated by Tamburin et al.
Moreover, she will present her signature long pearl necklaces, tamburin necklaces, chokers with turquoise and corals, and her famous gold minaudieres encrusted with raw stones.
They sported top hats, were shod, and flaunted gold rosaries or tamburin necklaces, combs, etc.
(36.) Tinazzi M, Farina S, Tamburin S, Facchini S, Fiaschi A, Restivo D, Berardelli A.
Patients with neuropathic pain generally require more drugs and report less-effective pain management than patients with nociceptive pain (Marginelli, Zanette, & Tamburin, 2013).
Rather amazingly, this last quotation was very recently endorsed by Gray J of the Supreme Court of South Australia in Re Tamburin (2014) 119 SASR 143, 146 [9].
Tamburin, "Neuropathic pain: diagnosis and treatment," Practical Neurology, vol.
The Rothberg, Tamburin, and Winson Model for Corrosion Control and Process Chemistry (AWWA) computer model was used to predict CCPP at pH of 8.0.
29-37 [Rameau, selections from Pieces de clavessin (1724)] 29 Musette en rondeau Tamburin 30-31 L'entretien des Muses 31 La joyeuse 32 Les tendres plaintes 32-3 Les tourbillons 33 Le lardon 34-5 Les Cyclopes 36-7 Les niais de Sologne With the second double only, here labelled Variations 38-53 [Rameau, selections from Nouvelles suites de pieces de clavecin (c.1729-30)] 38-9 La Poule 40 Les Sauvages 41 Les Tricotets 42-3 L'enharmonique 44-5 L'egiptienne 46-7 Les Trois Mains 48-51 Gavotte with six doubles 52 [blank] La Triomphante 54-[107] [various composers]