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 (tăm′pə-rā′, täm′-)
A city of southwest Finland north-northwest of Helsinki. A major commercial center, it was formerly noted for its textile industry.


(Finnish ˈtampɛrɛ)
(Placename) a city in SW Finland: the second largest town in Finland; textile manufacturing. Pop: 200 966 (2003 est). Swedish name: Tammerfors


(ˈtɑm pəˌreɪ)

a city in SW Finland. 170,533.
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Noun1.Tampere - an industrial city in south central FinlandTampere - an industrial city in south central Finland
Finland, Republic of Finland, Suomi - republic in northern Europe; achieved independence from Russia in 1917
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National contract notice: Maintenance works, Tampere service unit
Summary: Chinese mobile Huawei has opened a research and development facility in Tampere, Finland.
The Tampere Film Festival has lined up a retrospective of 20 Filipino shorts, spanning works from 1969 to 2012, along with two full-length features (Mes de Guzman's "Diablo" and Lawrence Fajardo's "Amok,") and Jewel Maranan's full-length documentary "Tundong Magiliw.
My eight-year-old daughter Eva and I visited Tampere just as that most Christmassy of all countries was gearing up for the festive season.
23 November 2010 - Finnish handling-systems provider Cargotec Oyj (HEL: CGCBV) said today it will cut 90 jobs at its Tampere unit in southwestern Finland after completing negotiations with the personnel.
Crayfish Manor, an hour north of the Finnish city of Tampere, overlooks Vuohiselk lake, which was where I took the plunge.
Jurkka Kuusipalo and Marikki Kaunisto are with Tampere University of Technology, Institute of Paper Converting, Tampere, Finland.
Tampere overtook Santa Claus' Rovaniemi, earning it the spot as the country's third largest airport; the number of passengers recorded at Tampere was 500,000 in 2004, a 63% increase on 2003.
Tampere II would be the successor to Tampere I - the landmark European Council held in Finland in October 1999, which laid down the JHA blueprint from 1999-2004.
The Finnish telecommunications company Tampere Telephone Plc has announced a new Internet strategy.
User reaction to HELMI's performance was solicited by the authors during the recent Home and Internet Exhibition in Tampere.

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