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tam·per 1

v. tam·pered, tam·per·ing, tam·pers
a. To interfere in a harmful or disruptive manner; meddle: was worried the editor would tamper with her text.
b. To make alterations or adjustments, especially secretly so as to subvert an intended purpose or function: tamper with a lock; discovered that the brakes had been tampered with.
c. To engage in improper or secret actions, as in an effort to influence an outcome: tamper with evidence; tamper with a jury.
2. To tinker rashly or foolishly: "The ability of chemists to create new drugs from natural compounds raises an old argument about whether human beings should tamper with nature" (Andrew Weil).
To alter improperly.

[Probably alteration of temper.]

tam′per·er n.

tamp·er 2

A neutron reflector in an atomic bomb that also delays the expansion of the exploding material, making possible a longer-lasting, more energetic, and more efficient explosion.
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Some fans have queried the decision to stop playing the traditional Feel It by The Tamperer ahead of this season's home matches.
However, the tamperer cannot tell the detection object and the normal data apart.
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That the young Shakespeare could have been the tamperer is suggested by his familiarity with the terms in the strange passage.
99) "Specifically the computer report listed him as a female prostitute in Florida, an inmate currently incarcerated in Texas for manslaughter, a stolen goods dealer in New Mexico, a witness tamperer in Oregon, and a registered sex offender in Nevada".
PAKISTAN will turn to a ball and pitch tamperer and a drug cheat to help save their battered reputation.
12m (4) 12 Manager of Brazil (5) 14 Son of the 'old' 8D, his best filly was Petite Etoile (3,4) 16 1995 1,000 Guineas winner with Hills aboard (7) 18 Top sportswriter, often with the Guardian/Observer, David * (5) 19 Australian who took 41 series wickets in the 1978-79 Ashes (4) 21 Ball tamperer, for example (5) 22 Bullfighter (7) 23 2005 Dubai World Cup winner ridden by Velazquez (5,2,3) 24 Tunis-born Brit; WBC World Flyweight champ in 1983, beating Mercedes (5)
It was sent to the wrong address and intercepted by a malicious tamperer, Teesside Crown Court heard.
Her search for the food tamperer results in a series of increasingly dangerous encounters challenging her investigative skills and life.
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35) This could potentially be done, for example, if voting or counting machines in precincts used modem connections for transmittal of tallies to the central election office, and a tamperer could use that connection before the polls closed to send results to another location.