Tana Lake

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 (tä′nə, -nä), Lake also Lake Tsa·na (tsä′-)
A lake of northwest Ethiopia. Ethiopia's largest lake, it is the source of the Blue Nile.
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25 (SUNA) -- The Ninth Conference of the Democratic Front for Ethiopian Peoples has continued its sittings for the second day in Bahr-Dar on the shore of Tana Lake, the source of the Blue Nile, with participation of the Deputy Chairman of National Congress for the Party's Affairs, Dr.
It uses water from Tana Lake, a water body believed by many to be where the Nile River originates.
Sink Kash, at the conclusion of the Minister's visit to Ethiopia, which lasted for one week during which he visited three Ethiopian regionsIn this regard, the Minister of Minerals said in a statement to SUNA that the Sudanese delegation visited the sources of the River Nile at Tana Lake besides Tigray region, which includes the African Great Rift that contains many geological areasDr.