Tanana River

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Tan·a·na River

A river of eastern and southern Alaska flowing about 1,000 km (600 mi) from the Wrangell Mountains northwest to the Yukon River.
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Most notable is the Tanana River Crossing, a railroad bridge that extends 3,300 feet across the Tanana River in Sakha.
From 2004 to 2012, with funding from the National Science Foundation and led by Knut Kielland and William Schneider, the Dangerous Ice Project investigated winter ice conditions on the Tanana River in Interior Alaska.
Nenana River at Rex (#216), Tanana River (#202) and North Slough Tanana River (#201).
Razak Abu, University of Saskatchewan, is studying the changing livelihoods of the Cumberland House Metis and Cree Nation; Alix Conway, University of Saskatchewan, is examining how mammalian herbivores affect tree growth and forest composition in the boreal forest; Kelly Eldridge, University of California Davis, is documenting an Early Contact Period migration in Norton Sound, Alaska; and Caitlin Holloway, University of Alaska, is carrying out a paleoethnobotanical study in the Tanana River Basin, Central Alaska.
The Nenana basin is fifty miles long and twenty miles wide, trending northeast, west of the Tanana River. The geology is sedimentary, containing abundant hydrogen-rich coals, "coaly" shales, and possible lake bed shales, according to a March presentation by James Mery, Doyon senior vice present of lands and natural resources, to the Alaska House and Senate Natural Resources Committees.
The mean length of humpback whitefish in the Chatanika River in 2008 (445 mm) was larger than mean lengths reported for other exploited stocks of this species in Alaska that were collected during their spawning migration in late summer or fall in the Kuskokwim River (range: 412 to 430 mm; Harper et al., 2008) and the upper Tanana River (range: 393 to 396 mm; Brown, 2006) or during summer foraging bouts in Whitefish Lake (range: 355 to 415 mm; Harper et al., 2007).
Hansen says the UAF testing facility on the Tanana River, the Alaska Hydrokinetic Energy Research Center, or AHERC, is the first of its kind at a university in the United States.
Indeed, he did study primary and secondary succession on glacier forelands and along the Tanana River, in permafrost environments where fire has been a big ecological component.
Transportation, Marine, Heavy, Earthmoving over $15 million: Kiewit Infrastructure West Co.--Northern Rail Extension, Phase I, the longest bridge in Alaska over the Tanana River, southeast of Fairbanks
(1988) used telemetry information to infer that burbot used the mainstem Tanana River, a large glacial tributary of the Yukon River.
One very large, very long (3,300 feet) project is the Tanana River bridge at Sakha.
We examined factors influencing nest attendance and time-activity budgets of peregrine falcons (Falco peregrinus anatum) breeding along the Tanana River in Alaska in 1995, 1996, and 1997.