Tandem engine

1.A steam engine having two or more steam cylinders in line, with a common piston rod.
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Higher horsepower capacities are available in tandem engine dynamometer configurations.
The company also offers tandem engine dyno units to allow for even greater horsepower testing potential.
Coopers can sometimes be seen at work and two other highlights are an extraordinary 1920s car in the shape of a bottle of Worthington and a big Robey Tandem engine of 1905, which is in steam most summer Sundays.
New tandem engine architecture makes the Xerox Nuvera 288[R] Digital Perfecting System run two-sided prints twice as fast - 288 impressions per minute - with image quality equivalent to offset printing standards, making it ideal for high-volume transactional printing and book publishing, especially scientific, technical and medical manuals.
Peerless' imaging technology provides a complete solution, including ease of use and user productivity, while reducing the total processing, memory and component cost for the new class of high-speed color desktop and copier tandem engine products.
Tandem engine architecture incorporates multiple (typically four) laser/drum assemblies to allow the cyan, magenta, yellow and black (CMYK) toners to be transferred to the page in one process pass.
Hathorn Davey steam engines: Tandem engines pumped sewage through underground pipes to a farm two miles away.
BYD has led the Chinese industry with innovations in new energy technologies with their environmentally-friendly, rechargeable-energy, ET power systems for electric vehicles and in December 2008 launched mass-production of the "dual-mode" electric and hybrid-electric tandem engines in the F3DM.
So, in order to keep the paper moving through the tandem engines at exactly matched speeds, a smart "self-aware" technology is used to measure each engine's speed over 1,000 times per second and to control the difference.
Standard setting print speeds of up to 40ppm color on tandem engines at resolution of up to 4,800 dpi are fully supported by the TAKPRO-800.