Tandem system

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1.(Elec.) same as Cascade system.
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It is designed as a dve tandem system for anesthesia and as a one-arm system for surgery.
For decades, the Uniform Automated Data Processing System--Stock Points (UADPSSP/U2) and Tandem System have been the Naval Supply Systems Command's (NAVSUP) major non-tactical support business systems for ashore and afloat Navy operations.
In late June of 2007, I implemented our tandem system.
In addition, Andres says using a tandem system can add to the lifespan of a high-speed grinder by making its job easier.
The Tandem system can operate using both pipetting technologies in concert for maximum flexibility and throughput, or independently.
The tandem system is a cold-runner system, while the stack and dual-mold-carrier systems employ hot runners.
The flexible configuration of the Tandem system enables it to run with either one or two molds, and the molds do not have to be identical.
Parker, who shares quarterback duties with the more-experienced Travis Winn in a tandem system, gave the Cougars a lift after Winn got off to ashaky start.
The sliding tandem system is centered around a single, unified frame bracket rather than two separate trailing arm suspensions on a frame.
The plant is arranged so that the tandem mixer can be by-passed when required but it has been in successful use as a tandem system for 85% of its working time since installation
The Tandem system team today consists of four team members who operate out of the NAVSUP Global Logistics Support (GLS) Broadway Complex along with other support staff at NAVSUP Business Systems Center (BSC) San Diego.
Husky's Tandem System is offered on the company's Quadloc two-platen presses and now on its Hylectric hydromechanical presses larger than 650 tons.