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(ˈtæn di)
Jessica, 1909–94, English actress, in the U.S.
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Noun1.Tandy - United States actress (born in England) who made many stage appearances, often with her husband Hume Cronyn (1909-1994)
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I want to be Tandy Hard," she cried, shak- ing her head and sobbing as though her young strength were not enough to bear the vision the words of the drunkard had brought to her.
WIDNES have offered their condolences to the family of former prop forward Ryan Tandy who has been found dead in his native Australia at the age of 32.
In The Rhetoric of Certitude, Gary Tandy has produced a detailed study of the nonfiction prose rhetoric of C.
Jamie Tandy was a rising star at Manchester City until Barton stubbed a cigar in his eye at the club's Christmas party in 2004.
Christopher James Tandy, 18, was ejected from a bus at Cardiff Station by the man on March 5, because he was banging on its back window.
Tandy, who will line up for the Ospreys against French giants Stade Francais at the Liberty Stadium, will be the player you recognise but cannot put a name to this afternoon.
While some people run away to join the circus, Tandy Beal has come back to dance after eight years of running a circus.
Electronics retailing giant Tandy Corp has struck a deal to acquire AmeriLink Corp for $75m in an all stock transaction.
It's the perfect month for Tandy Westmiller, a 16-year-old girl, to honor women by helping them when they're down.
Tandy, the Midland-based electrical chain, has been bought out by Britain's biggest mobile phone retailer, Carphone Warehouse.
David Edmondson has been named senior vice president of Tandy Corp.
ARLINGTON, Texas -- Tandy Brands Accessories (Nasdaq: TBAC) announced today that VF Corporation and the Chambers Belt Company have agreed to transfer both the Wrangler Mass and Western/Specialty belt licenses from Chambers Belt Company to Tandy Brands.