Tang dynasty

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Noun1.Tang dynasty - the imperial dynasty of China from 618 to 907Tang dynasty - the imperial dynasty of China from 618 to 907
dynasty - a sequence of powerful leaders in the same family
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The wealth of a man was judged on how much silk he owned,' he said, before coming to the 7th to 10th Centuries and the Tang Dynasty.
Before the mid-8th century Tang dynasty, tea-drinking was primarily a southern Chinese practice.
General Yang Man-chun, played by Jo In-sung, achieves a miraculous victory over Tang Dynasty known to have had the strongest army in Chinese history.
Rather, he focuses very heavily on the medieval period, in particular the Tang Dynasty [618-907].
Through the centuries, says Hao, Chinese scholars have been attracted to the poetry of Tang Dynasty poet Du Fu, especially during times of social chaos and national crisis.
Huaisheng Mosque which is located in Guangzhou city and the Famous Arab traveler Ibn Battuta described it by Madinet el-Zaytoun (The Olive city) that witnessed Arab-Chinese exchanges since the Tang Dynasty.
The first descriptions of kites made with bamboo frames covered by paper and silk, originate from the Tang Dynasty (618-907 o.
TANG DYNASTY We walk in Chinatown of the Tang Chinese.
In "Daoism, Meditation, and the Wonders of Serenity: From the Latter Han Dynasty (25-220) to the Tang Dynasty (618-907)", Stephen Eskildsen (North Callahan Distinguished Professor of Religion, University of Tennessee-Chattanooga) offers a comprehensive and exceptionally well organized and presented overview of historical Chinese Daoist religious texts.
According to an epitaph, the tomb housed Liu Jun and his wife, who lived during the Tang Dynasty (618-907).
An elaborate re-creation of imperial life during China's Tang dynasty, the film--which won Hou a directing prize at Cannes and will represent Taiwan in the foreign-language Oscar race--is by far his most expensive (at $15 million) and logistically complicated undertaking.
In an interview two years ago, Hou explained that shooting was difficult because it "was not possible to fully grasp" the "details from life" in an era as remote as the Tang dynasty.