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Noun1.Tang dynasty - the imperial dynasty of China from 618 to 907Tang dynasty - the imperial dynasty of China from 618 to 907
dynasty - a sequence of powerful leaders in the same family
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From the same sale of 12 September comes a loocm-high limestone Bodhisattva, a testimony to the fully fledged naturalism and sensuality that characterised the Tang period under the emperor Xuanzong (r.
It could only have been applied to an instructional text, something that contemporaries would not have dubbed "poetry." A collection of semi-vernacular verses attributed to a legendary Buddhist hero such as Hanshan may or may not have been read in this way: there is simply no evidence from the Tang period. No matter the implications of Buddhist doctrines like "emptiness" and "no-self," poems--even those written by Buddhist monks--were understood to be rooted in the personality, experience, and discursive mastery of an author.
In that remarkable study, Charles Benn looked at all aspects of everyday life during the Tang period, the same period upon which James Benn focuses in the volume under review.
Therefore, there are quite a few studies on the topic by contemporary scholars, either during the Tang period, or the dynasties afterwards (Zhang, 1930, 1977; Duyvendak ,1947; Filesi, 1972; Du, 1979; Xu, 1980, 1983, 1984; Brunson, 1985; Ai, 1987; Jing, 1998; Ge, 2001; Wilensky, 2002; Smidt, 2009; Wyatt, 2010).
Marbled pottery was an invention of the Tang period. To make this ware, a sandwich with alternating layers of white and brown (or multi-coloured) clay was made.
This anachronistic use of the Tang period term "Annan" (the Pacified South) for Mac territory reveals the heavy-handed manner with which the Ming court laid claim to this portion of the borderlands for inclusion into the Ming empire.
The 10 academic essays consider such topics as three additions to the Tocharian B aviary, Tocharian AB kwar- to grow old, silk in ancient Kucha and the Tocharian B word kaum* found in the documents of the Tang period, Tocharian B nouns with an oblique singular in -a, Tocharian Vinaya fragments in the London and Paris collections, and vowel lengthening before distinctively voiced consonants in Tocharian.
Another that developed during the Tang period was Qingci, known more commonly as Celadon.
(7) They transported cargoes from the big ships from the Middle East and South Asia, the main force engaged in trade in the South China Sea until the Tang period.
The first real evidence of the existence of a form of ice cream originates from China's Tang period (618-97AD)
By the seventh-to-tenth-century Tang period, Chinese emperors had amassed five thousand horses for warfare.