Tangential force

(Mech.) a force which acts on a moving body in the direction of a tangent to the path of the body, its effect being to increase or diminish the velocity; - distinguished from a normal force, which acts at right angles to the tangent and changes the direction of the motion without changing the velocity.

See also: Tangential

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26] utilized the tangential force and the residual scratch depth as the criteria to assess the scratch performance of PP.
Ericson and Nisell (1988) showed that the tangential force (perpendicular to the crank) exertion was maximal when the position of the crank was approximately horizontal (90 degree crank angle), and the tangential force was minimal at two points, known as the top dead center (0 degree crank angle) and bottom dead center (180 degree crank angle) (Chen et al.
The tangential force (F) defined by Polach (without spin) is given Eq.
In order this portion of the beam is in equilibrium ([SIGMA]Z=0), in a longitudinal section of the beam there must be the tangential force dT.
When tangential force (for example, spurious slippage) is applied to the contact area, maximum shear stress rises and displaces closer to the tread.
Recently, asymmetrical splined shafts were introduced that isolate the tangential force vector that results in higher torque transmission with a smaller shaft diameter.
It is this impact and resulting tangential force that radiates from that point and blasts contaminants from the surface, scouring the tank interior.
Once the stiffness, c, and interface damping coefficient, b, are established, it is possible to calculate workpiece displacement, [zeta](t), given the function of tangential force, [F.
Asymmetrical splined shaft designs isolate the tangential force vector transmission and result in higher torque transmission.
Subsequently, we suggest the main factor is combination of tangential force and compression force.
In any position one of the poles is generating a significant breaking force, diminishing the total tangential force produced by the motor and reducing its efficiency.