Tangential stress

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For smooth contact, normal stresses and radial displacements at the contact interface are continuous and the tangential stress is zero ([q.sub.j+1] = 0).
The expression of the normal and tangential stress components affected by the damage can be defined as
Their results showed that tangential stress, tangential strain, and displacements are higher at the inner surface and internal radial pressure strongly affects the radial stresses and radial strain.
The tangential stress jump can be obtained by combining (23), (25), and (26) and using (6):
On the other hand, the bigger elasticity of viscoelastic fluid leads to bigger normal stress and tangential stress on residual oil and makes residual oil deform more easily, increasing flooding efficiency.
In this work, the compressive rock strength [[sigma].sub.c], tensile strength [[sigma].sub.t], elastic energy index [W.sub.et] and the maximum tangential stress [[sigma].sub.[theta]] are chosen as the indexes of criterion.
Tangential stress fields are independent of the rotation centre [40].
The amplitude change in the groove, the downward displacement at the base node, and the groove displacement at the periphery were simulated using ABAQUS to compare the results from two methods, as well as the tangential stress in the elements at the groove base and periphery.
However, as shown in Figure 4(b), the tangential stress fields are influenced by all the thermal parameters.
The parameters to be analyzed are introduced as follows: the vertical component of nature stress for rock is [[sigma].sub.V]; the horizontal component is [[sigma].sub.H]; the lateral pressure coefficient is defined as [xi] = [[sigma].sub.H][[sigma].sub.V]; the radial stress is [[sigma].sub.r]; the tangential stress is [[sigma].sub.[theta]]; and the minimum principal stress is [[sigma].sub.3].