Tangential stress

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(Engin.) See Shear, n., 3.

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According to the mechanism of rock burst, rocks' maximum tangential stress [[sigma].
theta]]) intension is selected as the judgment standard, the collapse scope is much larger than that of tangential stress (([[sigma].
In this paper we study the Couette flows of a second grade fluid, between two parallel plates, produced by the motion of a plate that applies a tangential stress on the fluid.
Than according to corrected area it is possible to recalculate normal and tangential stress.
Experimental researches [9] showed that in compressed CFST elements directions of geometrical axes of symmetry coincide with basic stress areas normal lines, therefore there are no tangential stress and shear strain in matrixes of flexibility of concrete and steel.
Hydra-Cell diaphragm pumps from WANNER INTERNATIONAL are claimed to impose only low levels of tangential stress on the pumped fluid making them ideal for pumping a wide range of shear sensitive materials.
2] (t) (Eqs 3 and 4) are inserted into the formula (6) and some rearrangements are introduced, tangential stress value in the contact is acquired:
The tangential stress varies with the soil moisture content in the following way: the trend was almost constant as the moisture increased gradually to the lower plastic limit.
However, when steel fiber is bent, the bond stress is supplemented with additional tangential stress at the bend.
Similar, for maximum value of tangential stress is: