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An ancient city of Egypt in the eastern delta of the Nile River. Important during the XIX and XXI Dynasties, it was abandoned after the sixth century ad.


(Placename) an ancient city located in the E part of the Nile delta: abandoned after the 6th century ad; at one time the capital of Egypt. Biblical name: Zoan


(ˈteɪ nɪs)

an ancient city in Lower Egypt, in the Nile delta. Biblical, Zoan.
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Earlier this week, the ministry discovered a granite stele for King Ramses II in Tanis city during similar renovation work in the city.
Even now that King Tutankhamun, hereafter referred to as Tut, has been transferred to the Grand Egyptian Museum, the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir still has the Yuya and Tjuyu collection, in addition to the Tanis gold collection which includes a gold mask that could potentially replace King Tut's mask in the exhibition.
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