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(Placename) the former name of Thanjavur
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(ˌtʌn dʒəˈvʊər)

a city in E Tamil Nadu, in SE India. 183,464. Formerly, Tanjore .
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'Even in the bigotted [my italics] country of Tanjore, I ascended twelve Coverams [and at] Ramisseram I was permitted to place the [theodolite] directly over the cell that contained the Sawmy [sic]'.
Priya pointed out that Tanjore artists paint the eyes of the deities last.
Father Joseph Lionel, chancellor of the Indian Tanjore Catholic Diocese in a letter to ZENIT, considered the calamity as a result of corporate sin in the world.
There is, however, a need to remind ourselves that by the time the stream of British landscape and portrait painters arrived in India in the late eighteenth century, there already existed a thriving community of miniature painters patronized by the regional courts of Murshidabad, Awadh, Hyderabad and Tanjore. With the establishment of British supremacy in India, there occurred a shift in the artistic patronage, which posed a threat to this group of local painters.
Darner made a bust of Nelson, and sent it to the King of Tanjore. It was received with great attention, and the skill with which it was executed made a strong impression in favour of female education.
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The lead article, by Indira Viswanathan Peterson, is an exposition of Vedanayaka Sastri of Tanjore that refutes the charge that Christianity is an alien transplant.
Buchanan's determination that the Anglican Church should control Christian religious activity in India was also apparent when he visited Mar Dionysius, the bishop of a sizable group of Syrian Christians whose ancestors had settled in Tanjore centuries before.
In mid-eighteenth-century South India, the earnings of calico weavers of average skill in Cuddalore could purchase 65 pounds of rice per week.(20) In 1800, a more highly skilled weaver in Tanjore made the equivalent of 85 pounds of rice a week.(21) According to data from the 1790s, the manufacturers of the finest calicoes in South India earned two and one-half times more per week than a Cuddalore weaver, an amount which in the 1760s could have purchased 160 pounds of rice.(22)
Pre-British India has been a nation of skilled crafts people: producing intricate textiles in Hindustan; iron, brass, and copper in Benares, Tanjore, Poona, and elsewhere; as well as shipbuilding, jewelry, stone carving, ivory, glass, tannery, perfume, and paper-making.
Changing Patterns of Stratifcation in a Tanjore Village, University of California Press, Berkeley, Los Angeles, London.
The district of Tanjore (Tanjavur) in the heart of the Tamil speaking region was the center of the Karnataka musical universe from the seventeenth to nineteenth centuries (see S.