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(Placename) the former name of Thanjavur


(ˌtʌn dʒəˈvʊər)

a city in E Tamil Nadu, in SE India. 183,464. Formerly, Tanjore .
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My first professional training in art was at 18, when I learnt how to do Tanjore Paintings under the guidance of an extremely talented teacher.
In efforts to showcase Tanjore painting, long-time resident of Muscat Kavitha Ramakrishna recently presented a painting of Muscat Gate made in the 16th century South Indian style to H E Sheikh Mohammed al Ghabshi, Deputy Wali of the Wilayat of Muscat.
Chennaiyil Thiruvaiyaru brings the divinity of the Tanjore soil to Chennai, not only for the enthusiasts in the city but across from all the districts of the state, from across different states and even countries.
Tipu Sultan defeated Colonel Braithwaite at Annagudi near Tanjore on February 18, 1782.
My favourite place to eat in Edinburgh is Tanjore on Clerk Street.
Guests can savour the rich offerings at the all-day dining restaurant Arabesque, Indian restaurant Tanjore, Gastro Pub Luce, Shooters Bar and the Oasis Pool Bar.
Address : Tanjore Main Road, National Highway 67, Near BHEL Trichy, Tiruchirappalli,
BalaRamakrishnan Tanjore as Chief Technology Officer of the company effective from June 8th 2017.
A stay at the five-star resort with rooms staring at AED259 per night will offer guests Suhour and 25 percent discount in Tanjore and Luce Restaurant.
The Sinhalese Nayak Kings of Kandy had matrimonial alliances with the Nayak Kings of Madurai and Tanjore.
The artworks for a large number of labels showing Indian subjects were based on the paintings of Ravi Varma or those produced by various Calcutta studios, or on Indian miniature paintings from the Mughal, Pahari or Rajasthani schools, or on the Tanjore (Thanjavur) and Kalighat idioms.
Muscat: Kavitha Ramakrishna, a practitioner of the ancient Indian art form of Tanjore painting, has prepared an exhibit of her unique paintings, which will be displayed at the Ministry of Tourism in August.