Tank warfare

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Tank war´fare

n.1.combat between tanks of opposing armies.
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Defence Minister Harriett Baldwin said: One hundred years ago we pioneered tank warfare with our US allies, and today we remain right at the forefront of military technology together.
Then there's Soissons, the delightful French countryside covering several miles in a map designed for tank warfare.
Sleed, the other first-person narrator, shares his experiences of tank warfare with a disarming plainness.
And, the short Yom Kippur War demonstrated a radical change in the range, accuracy, lethality, and logistical sustainment requirements of modern tank warfare while highlighting a fundamental change in the role of tactical airpower.
Likewise, Bryn Hammond provides an example of this in his discussion of tank warfare during the Hundred Days.
Engagements, battles, special rules and army options pack a gaming guide for those who would either build upon prior themes with existing armies or develop a new force with tank warfare in mind.
With archival photographs, maps and timelines, stories of tank warfare, war at sea and war in the air are featured.
Within a month Patton produced a manual for tank warfare that became the Army's standard reference for years to come.
In the fall of 1919, MAJ Dwight Eisenhower and LTC George Patton began spending a considerable amount of time training, experimenting, and discussing new methods of tank warfare at Camp Meade.
At the outbreak of World War I, he established a camp near Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, to train men in tank warfare.
In June/July 1948 as soon as the British army left Israel, the Palestinians together with the Syrians and some escaped Nazi army officers who were teaching tank warfare tried to annihilate the Israelis before they could get any defences up.