n.1.(Bot.) See Tanier.
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Jean-Guillaume Dumas, Jean-Louis Roch, [ETH]ric Tannier, and Sebastien Varrette
Segundo Tannier e Pumain (2005), referencias aos fractais na literatura geografica sao relativamente recentes, tendo surgido a menos de 20 anos e, provavelmente, novos estudos surgirao, mais numerosos e sistematicos.
Tannier and Pumain (2005) focusing more on the utilisation of fractals for the analysis of the evolution of urban systems, distribution of activities, at different scales indicate that the fractals have the ability to simulate urbanisation dynamics as they produce "alternate patterns of continuity and fragmentation at the same time" (Tannier and Pumain, 2005, 2).
Parker scored 17 points, Alonzo added 15 and Martin Tannier had 11 for Beaverton, which led by 14 points at the half but saw South Eugene pull to within 52-48 in the fourth quarter before a 6-0 run put the Beavers back up by 10.
8) Tannier and Pumain focus on the utility of fractal geometry for urban geography especially when taking a global level of analysis, and develop a particular application of fractal measures for studying the structuring of urban space and the limits of built-up areas.
10] Eric Tannier, Chunfang Zheng, and David Sankoff.
The Natural Resources Conservation Service in Puerto Rico has given high priority to developing crop coefficients for the following cultivars (Martinez, 2000): Acerola, Tannier, Guanabana, Malanga, Parcha, Star Grass, Recao, Pangola Grass, Dame, and Buffel Grass.
The Herefordshire outfit were rarely in trouble and ran in six tries through AndyGarrad, Andrew Morris, Chris James, Mark Tanniers, Ed Godsall and Steve Jacques.