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 (tŭn′trə, tăn′-)
Any of a comparatively recent class of Hindu or Buddhist religious literature written in Sanskrit and concerned with powerful ritual acts of body, speech, and mind.

[Sanskrit tantram, doctrine, loom; see ten- in Indo-European roots.]

tan′tric (-trĭk) adj.
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(Hinduism) Hinduism Buddhism of or relating to Tantrism
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Adj.1.Tantric - of or relating to Tantrism; "Tantric rituals"
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'As I was about to say, "Son of the Charm" means that you may be member of the Sat Bhai - the Seven Brothers, which is Hindi and Tantric. It is popularly supposed to be extinct Society, but I have written notes to show it is still extant.
Maths graduate Joshua, who's 27 and originally from Anglesey, gives his clients "erotic and Tantric massage" from a garden studio in their home in the Devon seaside resort of Torquay.
Maths graduate Joshua, 27, gave up his desk job to offer "erotic and Tantric massage", which he performs in a garden studio in the couple's home in Torquay.
Summary: The tantric said at first he would sacrifice his son before others from the society
The accused, a tantric or holy man, had kidnapped the boy from near his home, stuffed a cloth ball into his mouth, bundled him into a jute sack, and a few hours later, slit his throat.
Tantric are at The Ice Factory in Perth on Saturday to celebrate their 5th Birthday party.
We use ancient Indian tantric with the help of astrological signs and give coveted and accurate result in almost no time.
Scholars of Esoteric Buddhism, or Tantric Buddhism explore Chinese perspective on the origin of Esoteric Buddhism; Chan, Chinese religion, and Esoteric Buddhism; scriptures and practices in their Tibetan context; Tibetan Buddhism in China; Esoteric Buddhism in Dunhuang; Esoteric Buddhism in the Tangus Xixia and Yugur spheres; and Esoteric Buddhism in the Dali Kingdom (Yunnan).
Dawood's eponymous solo show also included two bronze sculptures (one of spiritualist-explorer Alexandra David-Neel, the other of her friend the Japanese monk Ekai Kawaguchi), six canvases, Tantric Wallpaper (a black fabric decorated with fluorescent pink halos, mimicking tantric symbols), and Thongsha Gompa--neon lights that simulated a Bhutanese monastery or a stage (depending on the angle from which they were viewed).
IRISH people aren't comfortable talking about sex and aren't sure how it really works, a tantric love expert claimed yesterday.