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One of the major schools of Buddhism, active especially in Tibet and Japan and emphasizing esoteric teachings and tantric practices as a means to enlightenment.

[Sanskrit Vajrayānam : vajraḥ, thunderbolt (considered in Hindu and Buddhist tradition to be made of an indestructible substance like diamond), diamond, Buddhist ritual implement representing the irresistible force of the thunderbolt and the indestructibility of diamondakin to Avestan vazrō, mace, Greek agnunai, to break, Hittite wāki, he bites) + yānam, vehicle; see ei- in Indo-European roots.]
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(Buddhism) a school of Tantric Buddhism of India and Tibet
[from Sanskrit: vehicle of the diamond or thunderbolt]
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Synopsis: Tibetan yoga is the hidden treasure at the heart of the Tibetan Tantric Buddhist tradition: a spiritual and physical practice that seeks an expanded experience of the human body and its energetic and cognitive potential.
These figures with a slightly open mouth, the teeth visible, recall Tantric Buddhist dakini and yogini goddesses (figure 10).
Her research was focused on the art and ritual traditions of Newar Buddhism in the Kathmandu Valley of Nepal and the development of Tantric Buddhist iconography of the Himalayan regions, principally Nepal and Tibet.
From Chinese exorcists, Javanese spirit siblings, and black magic in Sumatra to Tamil Tiger suicide bombers, Chamorro spiritual re-enchantment, tantric Buddhist war magic, and Yanomami dark shamans, religion and magic are re-evaluated not just from the practitioner's perspective but through the victim's lived experience.
The 6.5-inch high statue turned out to be an 18th-century Sino Tibetan gilt-bronze sculpture of the multi-armed Hayagriva, a Tantric Buddhist deity, and his consort.
The fourth and last section, 'Later Khmer impetus', consists of two essays focused on the Tantric Buddhist interpretation of monuments dating from the twelfth and thirteenth centuries.
The first serves as a commentary on traditional and modern narratives relating globally to Tantric Buddhism; the second critically discusses individual elements of Tantric Buddhist practices.
by a tantric Buddhist hippie blue blood professor in Maine,
The palimpsestic nature of Clemente's surfaces is also evidenced by the bits and pieces of words of the most basic Vajrayana vow--a tantric Buddhist mantra--sewn onto fragments of cotton on the exterior of Taking Refuge.
24-26) lists the six identified Tantric Buddhist scriptures of which fragments 1-280 contain parts, folios or pages, full lines or parts of lines.
His aim was to locate the missing giant legs of an eight-headed, three-metre high sandstone statue of Hevajra, the war-like, tantric Buddhist deity.
And yet we must ask the difficult question, 'How realistic was Taranatha's vision of himself as the inheritor of a genuine, viable Indian tantric Buddhist series of teachings vouchsafed to him alone'?