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Adj.1.Tantrik - of or relating to Tantrism; "Tantric rituals"
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A interesting difference is here discernible between Sarkar and Tantrik gums of the past; rather than, as a test of character and preparation for spiritual initiation, having the disciples build houses out of stone only to destroy them again and again (as with Milarepa and his guru Marpa in Tibetan Tantra), Sarkar's proverbial stone houses are in fact houses for the poor and disadvantaged and do have value to society and not the self alone.
Rumours also abound in the village that the three were murdered as part of some Tantrik ritual, or in search of hidden treasure.
Nepahya Tantrik Dyah va Tantrik Puja [Tantrik Gods and Goddesses in Nepal].
Performing Tantrik [black magic] rituals is shocking and it has hurt the sentiments of the devotees", he said.
Only thereafter did he ask me whether he was a "tantrik"!
"There is no evidence to suggest that in the Ashram, Asaramji and his son Narayan Sai performed Tantrik Vidhi (Black Magic).
Last year, for about ten action-packed days, I had the opportunity to interact with the tantrik underworld in my city when I was interpreting for two French black-magic-men who came to India to learn new skills.
The prime minister's jibes on Nitish and Lalu, right from his comments on the chief minister's DNA and the return of jungle raj ( lawless regime) to his barbs about Nitish's meeting with a tantrik , gave the party's campaign a tinge of negativity -- something it would have done well to avoid.
Reportedly, earlier, the film was titled 'Tantrik' andAbhishek Bachchanwas set to play the lead role.
Kalavati's neighbour Ramdhani Yadav (33) and his brother Gulab (28), were also visiting the tantrik and were advised by him to perform a human sacrifice for health, wealth and prosperity.
1) he very carefully corrects the author's opinion that the Kartabhajas differed from groups such as the Bauls mainly in not having any sexual rituals; though some such rituals are probably to be found, he writes, fullblown tantrism (purnanga tantrik sadhana) seems never to have been part of Kartabhaja practice.