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n. pl. Taoi·sigh (-shē′) Irish
The prime minister of Ireland.

[Irish, from Old Irish toísech, first, leading, leader.]
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(Government, Politics & Diplomacy) the prime minister of the Republic of Ireland
[from Irish Gaelic, literally: leader]
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An Irish word meaning leader, used as the title of the prime minister of the Republic of Ireland.
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Noun1.taoiseach - the prime minister of the Irish Republic
chancellor, premier, prime minister - the person who is head of state (in several countries)
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Mr Ahern's popularity rating rose by 13 points, making him one of the most popular Taoiseachs ever.
TAOISEACH Bertie Ahern is still the people's darling, with nearly 70 per cent of voters satisfied with the job he's doing.
And his partner Celia Larkin has also been give the seal of approval by half the electorate who believe the Taoiseach is right to treat her as the country's first lady.