v. i.1.To lie close to the ground, so as to be concealed; to squat; to crouch; hence, to hide one's self.
As a hound that, having roused a hart,
Although he tappish ne'er so soft.
- Chapman.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Pas-e-Aina, Aurat Ka Ghar Kaunsa, Seerhiyan, Tapish, Iltija, Dehleez, Sath Nibhana Hai, Abhi Door Hai Kinara, Aakhri Barish and Mera Naseeb are just a few of them.
Coders Tapish Narwal and Anshul Basia now carry the badge of squeezing down a two- day- long tiring process to a mere five- hour exercise.
The entire process was taxing and time- consuming," said Tapish, a second- year physics engineering student.
Tapish Dogra, the principal analyst said, "With the increasing global population, healthcare management is becoming a challenge.
There will be requirements for more timely consultation with the business community and greater transparency and efficiency within the public service, so "ensuring regulation is the last resort [for public servants], not the default option." Moreover, the Australian Government will allocate two days annually, for parliament to repeal laws found to be unnecessary, outdated, or simply "too red tapish."
Called Tapish, which means "rhythm" in Dari, the new training center not only fills the need for weavers, but also allows women to hold management and design positions as well.
So, these cars need to be preserved, otherwise if these cars are finished, then our history of the cars will go," said Tapish, owner of a vintage car and participant.
###dhoop tapish say bachao kay liye lotion, sun screen lotion, leemo ka lotion, 25 gram, 250 mili litre,
But their cautious approach disappeared along with the overs and Martyn was eventually caught by Shahriar Nafees off Tapish Baisya who finished with figures of 3-69 when he claimed Clarke's wicket.
His first collection of poems appeared under the title 'Zaraab' meaning 'Tapish'.
Rahul Mavi, 20, Tapish, 24, Sunny, 22, Robin Kumar Nain, 24, Sohanpal, 22, and Tapender, 26 have been arrested in this connection.
"We talked of leadership, global programmes, global problems, and how we can like the Indian youth can solve such problems," said Tapish Vaid, a student.