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A place where tacos, burritos, and other Mexican dishes are made and sold.

[American Spanish taquería, from taco, taco; see taco.]
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(Cookery) Mexican cookery US a restaurant specializing in tacos
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First opened in 2007 as a neighborhood taqueria on Divisadero Street in the Lower Haight, The Little Chihuahua is one of the hottest taquerias to emerge from San Francisco's diverse, culinary landscape.
Tacombi is a hospitality company focused on spreading their love of traditional Mexican taco culture through neighborhood taquerias. The restaurant offers traditional foods including tacos, quesadillas and more.
Here you'll find straightforward classic tacos at dozens of taquerias and bodegas, as well as globe-hopping experimental tacos at fine dining establishments.
We've been polling our friends, neighbors, and followers on Facebook and Twitter for their favorite taquerias and Mexican restaurants around the West with the goal of anointing the very best taco out there.
What might be surprising is the emergence in many Yanqui supermarkets of tortillerias and taquerias that rival anything south of the border.
Why We're in Bakersfield: We're waiting for your voice to drop, for your 'nads to reach their apt angle.//True, the city is scruffy in spots,/but there are parks and trails and sushi bars/to complement the taquerias.//We're waiting for you to become interesting,/for your brain to blaze neon.//Meanwhile we bear the heat,/squeegie the dust from our windshield and/watch people wheel their babies through the mall.//Mornings we find ourselves downwind/of the ample valley--scent of barns and cow dung,//first light rising over the Tchachapis/from the Mojave beyond, sixteen-/wheelers headed our way.//We long for that light, and wait for you.--Joel T.
But these tend to be small, mom-and-pop stores: markets, bakeries, restaurants and taquerias, clothing shops and record stores.
1 originally came to New York from the West Coast in search of careers in architecture and film, but changed their plans after recognizing the city's lack of quality Mexican taquerias.
"The Great Taco Hunt," our list of the best taquerias in your area, starts on page 108; recipes begin on page 112.