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A corn tortilla rolled around a filling, such as beef, chicken, or cheese, into a thin cylinder and sometimes deep-fried.

[Spanish, flute, probably from Old Provençal flaüt; see flute.]
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(Cookery) a Mexican food item consisting of a tortilla rolled around a filling and then fried
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There is so much you can choose from like cheese and mango empandas,chicken or mushroom quesadilla, chicken wings,pato taquito and so much more.
Sweet potato and feta taquito -sweet potato and caramelised onion in a crisp blue corn tortilla with feta, salsas and chipotle mayo For those with a sweet tooth you can indulge in a mince pie empanada - a crispy sugar-coated parcel filled with luxurious mincemeat, mixed with a touch of mezcal, served with brandy butter ice-cream.
breakfast (at 7:30 taquito appetizers designer-perfect digs
From the opening ascending arpeggio of "Taquito Militar," the thoughtful interplay between guitarist Berta Rojas and Argentina's most beloved chamber group, Camerata Bariloche, takes center stage on Historia del Tango (2015) and keeps the listener's focus where it should be--on the tango.
"One of our workers had a pretty funny conversation about what a taquito was."
Then we shared several starters: tasty mushroom and cheese quesadilla, some exquisite duck taquito rolls and lamb empanadas, both served with cranberry salsa, and a little bowl of exceptionally good smoky "cha cha" chorizo and onion stew.
Americans assume it is terribly painful to have once been a big enchilada and now be a mere taquito. Au contraire.
Meanwhile, Riki's pato taquito (pounds 4.50) - char-grilled tortilla, blled with shredded duck and caramelised onion - was moist and perfectly avoured.
Other works--Sonny Bryan's, 2000, or El Taquito Cafe, 2003--don't exactly brim with life either.
Taquito is hearty enough for a quick meal or mid-day snack, with a crunchy texture loved by kids and parents," Cullen says.
While the convenience store format thrives on cheeseburger and Taquito sales, chain drug can differentiate with healthier fare that offers nutrition as well as sensory enjoyment.