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A village of eastern Ireland northwest of Dublin. It was the seat of Irish kings from ancient times until the sixth century ad.


n, pl tara
(Animals) another name for white-fronted tern


(ˈtærə; ˈtɑːrə)
(Placename) a village in Co Meath near Dublin, by the Hill of Tara, the historic seat of the ancient Irish kings


(ˈtær ə)

a village in the NE Republic of Ireland, NW of Dublin: traditional residence of ancient Irish kings (Hill of Tara).
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Noun1.Tara - a village in eastern Ireland (northwest of Dublin)Tara - a village in eastern Ireland (northwest of Dublin); seat of Irish kings until 6th century
Eire, Ireland, Irish Republic, Republic of Ireland - a republic consisting of 26 of 32 counties comprising the island of Ireland; achieved independence from the United Kingdom in 1921
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Only Dejah Thoris, her mother, could be more beautiful than Tara of Helium.
I never see it played without thinking of Tara of Helium and what befell her among the chessmen of Barsoom.
It's easy to view Tara as just another poor little rich girl with a penchant for the bad things in life.
After serving as the standard in the bathroom for more than a decade, in 2008 Dornbracht, in collaboration with Sieger Design, presented a contemporary interpretation and logical continuation to Tara.
LEGAL COMMENTARY: The court, noted that in her deposition, Tara testified that she first learned that a surgical sponge had been left inside her body "within a day or two "(i.
For Tara, a pupil at Hipperholme and Lightcliffe High School, it's a major achievement for someone so young.
As to Hawkins contention that the trial court erred in granting the motion for summary judgment filed jointly by DeKalb and the other medical malpractice defendants on Hawkins' claim for Tam's past and future lost wages and for loss of earning capacity, the court granted the motion after having determined that the medical evidence showed that the traumatic injuries suffered by Tara before her arrival at the hospital's emergency morn had already rendered her incapable of any future employment, irrespective of any alleged medical malpractice thereafter.
Metals projects company Tara Gold Resources Corp (Pinksheets:TRGD) (Frankfurt:T8N) stated on Thursday that it has provided an update with respect with the first distribution of Tara Minerals Corp shares.
Wedi ei gyflwyno gan Tara Bethan, a ddaw'n wreiddiol o Lansannan ond sydd bellach yn byw yn y brifddinas, a Rhydian Bowen Phillips, mae Noson Yng Nghwmni yn gyfle i fwynhau'r noson gofiadwy.
Logic, which made its debut at the SHK Essen in 2006, has adopted the formal expression of the Tara Classic single-lever mixer tap, but has radically stretched the design and made it more erect.
And despite a 16-year age gap, Tara, 36, was overheard telling pals this week: "We'll see what happens.