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 (tär′ən-tō′, tə-rän′tō, tä′rän-tō′)
A city of southeast Italy east-southeast of Naples on the Gulf of Taranto, an arm of the Ionian Sea. Founded by Greeks from Sparta in the eighth century bc, it was known as Tarentum in Roman times. Ruled by varied powers over the centuries, it became part of Italy in 1861.


(təˈræntəʊ; Italian ˈtaːranto)
(Placename) a port in SE Italy, in Apulia on the Gulf of Taranto (an inlet of the Ionian Sea): the chief city of Magna Graecia; taken by the Romans in 272 bc. Pop: 202 033 (2001). Latin name: Tarentum


(ˈtɑr ənˌtoʊ, ˈtær-, təˈræn toʊ)

1. Ancient, Tarentum. a seaport in SE Italy: founded by the Greeks in the 8th century B.C. 244,249.
2. Gulf of, an arm of the Ionian Sea, in S Italy.
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