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Ida Tarbell
photographed c. 1920


 (tär′bəl), Ida Minerva 1857-1944.
American muckraking writer and editor remembered for her investigations of industry, including History of the Standard Oil Company (1904).



Ida M(inerva), 1857–1944, U.S. author.
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Noun1.Tarbell - United States writer remembered for her muckraking investigations into industries in the early 20th century (1857-1944)
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Wendell Potter is a former health insurance executive, author and founder of the journalism nonprofit Tarbell.
Oncology, Highly Commended: Pediatric Radiation Oncology, 6th Edition by Louis S Constine, Nancy J Tarbell and Edward C Halperin
Harlan Tarbell was a gifted magazine illustrator turned even more gifted professional magician who authored what became the seminal work for all magicians who followed him--the eight-volume Tarbell Course in Magic.
Peyton of Copiah County and Jonathan Tarbell, a Union soldier from New York were the first two Republicans appointed to the Mississippi Supreme Court.
Reaghan Tarbell is Executive Director, Kanien'keha:ka Onkwawen.
New Hampshire Community Loan Fund Grants Manager Bethany Tarbell and President Juliana Eades receive a $10,000 award from Eastern Bank Senior Vice President Commercial Team Leader Brian Lavoie and Senior Vice President Commercial Banking David Cassidy.
The second, on valuation, was led by Jeffrey Tarbell of Houlihan Lokey.
The minister said that 950 megawatt from Neelam Jehlam Hydro project, and Tarbell dam Phas-4,5 (extension project) would also help inclusion of 2800 megawatts into national system by year 2017.
According to police, 36-year-old Robert Tarbell - the driver of the car, which had been parked perpendicular across the left lane - was charged for driving under the influence of alcohol.
Although he mostly glorifies Lincoln Steffens and Ida Tarbell for their commitment to telling stories through an expansive approach to wider social problems, Starkman is also willing to dispel myths.
Tarbell personifies the first brand of career woman at a time when this path was practically forbidden for women of her time.
The art historian Roberta Tarbell has suggested that Marguerite may have even met Muir before leaving Fresno to study art in Paris in 1908.