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1. A sauce consisting of eggs, lemon juice, and broth.
2. A soup flavored with this sauce and often containing orzo or rice and meat.

[Modern Greek avgolémono : avgó, egg (back-formation from pl. avgá, back-formation from t'avgá, the eggs, contraction of *ta ogá : ta, neuter pl. definite article + *ogá, eggs + from Greek ōia, pl. of ōion, egg; see awi- in Indo-European roots) + lemóni, lemon (from Italian limone, from Old Italian; see lemon).]
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(Cookery) a Greek soup made with eggs, lemon juice, and rice
[C20: from Modern Greek]
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That is why the Ministry of Education in the UAE is called the Ministry of 'tarbiya and taleem' which is 'morals or values and education'.
She approached this leader and received the mystical initiation of tarbiya (Arabic/Ar.)--the distinctive spiritual training process through which Baye's followers come to 'know God' (Hill 2007; Seesemann 2011).
En el explica como para Niasse la ma'arifa era una obligacion fundada en la tradicion profetica (sunna) y como esta se adquiere mediante un proceso de arraigo y viaje llamado tarbiya (lit.