n.1.See Tarantula.
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Some aspects of the reproductive behavior of Lycosa tarentula fasciiventris (Araneae, Lycosidae).
Calendula: You can employ if the wound does not close well or if there is ongoing exudate, may lead to infection, suppuration; rule out other remedies such as Ledum, Pyrogen, Staphysagria, Tarentula cubensis.
After six months of being given Tarentula in LMs he was no longer considered 'failure to thrive.' He still had symptoms after eating certain foods so a hair analysis was ordered.
Fernandez et al (2001) encontraron que Lycosa tarentula fasciiventris (L., 1758) y Lycosa sp.
Tarentula aculeata L&F; DR67; transf to Alopecosa
Now,faced with the same symptoms,I would certainly turn to homeopathy, trying Tarentula for restlessness or Arsenicum for feelings of insecurity.Similarly, in herbal medicine the tincture Kawa Kawa is a successful calming agent,as are the Bach flower remedies - elm or larch are good for anxiety about being unable to cope.
Tarentula is what to take when jerky movements are the more noticeable problem.
We calculated expected final spider biomass on the assumption that the total biomass of missing spiders was converted directly to surviving spider biomass with a metabolic efficiency of 32% (0.32 is based on metabolic efficiencies for two other species of wolf spiders [32.5% for Tarentula kochi, Hagstrum 1970; 32% in Lycosa rabida, R.
Examples of common animal medicines in homeopathy are Lachesis (bushmaster snake), Tarentula (tarantula), and Lac caninum (dog's milk).
(2002) provide a different list of prey (absence of ants) for Lycosa tarentula, another burrowing wolf spider.
(Note that there is some dispute about the correct name for this remedy-it can be found as Tarentula hispania, Tarentula hispanica or the one used here, which is the most likely to be correct and is taken from the German Homoeopathic Pharmacopoeia of 2008.)