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Noun1.takeover target - a company that has been chosen as attractive for takeover by a potential acquirer
company - an institution created to conduct business; "he only invests in large well-established companies"; "he started the company in his garage"
sleeping beauty - a potential takeover target that has not yet been put in play
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For example, if the seller plans to undertake a hostile takeover of the target firm.
However, they typically focus on a single explanatory factor and, also, do not take into consideration the characteristics of the target firm.
The target firm is the possessor of the 498-MW project off the coast of Fecamp, the 480-MW scheme off the coast of Saint-Nazaire and the 450-MW development of the coast of Courseulles-sur-Mer.
This raises questions about the role and fate of target firm boards in the M&A process.
Kingfisher, run by Veronique Laury, disclosed that it had been made aware that the majority of the board of the target firm and a major shareholder have reservations over the deal, agreed last July.
1% of deals, the popular choice of using the SDC's "Date Announced" field as the event date leads to biased estimates of target firm abnormal returns because of earlier abnormal price movements due to merger-related events such as merger rumors or search-for-buyer types of announcements.
Following the acquisition, the San Francisco-based target firm will retain its mission and the focus of its team, Yahoo
Risks: Professional liability claims are more likely if a target firm does not value quality controls.
As part of the deal, the target firm will continue to be headed by its executive director and co-founder Rick Schreiber, while receiving formal support from MRL.
Firms will some times forego valuable investment opportunities because of financial constraints; through acquisition, the target firm can gain better access to capital markets through the parent, or can finance new projects using the parent's cash flow.
It will also seek to make the target firm a leader in molecular diagnostic testing both in Mexico and South America.
The study also performs a disaggregated analysis for sub-samples based on the status of target firm acquired whether it remains as a wholly owned subsidiary (WOS) or gets absorbed with the operations of acquiring firm and investigates the effect of method of financing (cash or stock) employed in the acquisition and the type of the target firm (listed or unlisted) acquired on the stock returns of the acquiring companies' shareholders.