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 (tär′go͝om′, -go͞om′)
Any of several Aramaic explanatory translations or paraphrasings of the Hebrew Scriptures.

[Mishnaic Hebrew targûm, translation, interpretation, Targum, from Aramaic targəmā, back-formation from targəmānā, interpreter; see dragoman.]


(ˈtɑːɡəm; Hebrew tarˈɡum)
(Bible) an Aramaic translation, usually in the form of an expanded paraphrase, of various books or sections of the Old Testament
[C16: from Aramaic: interpretation]
Targumic, Tarˈgumical adj
ˈTargumist n


(ˈtɑr gʊm; Heb. tɑrˈgum)

n., pl. Tar•gums, Heb. Tar•gu•mim (tɑr guˈmim)
a translation or paraphrase in Aramaic of a book or division of the Old Testament.
[< Aramaic targūm literally, paraphrase, interpretation]
Tar•gum′ic, adj.
Tar′gum•ist, n.
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To be sure, translations such as the Septuagint or the Aramaic Targum existed in ancient times.
The other ancient versions are seen in this Book as generally dependent on the Greek, with the Targum actually being dependent on the Peshitto for Proverbs.
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In this week's Daf Yomi reading, in chapter 7 of Tractate Sota, there was a brief reference to the targum, the synagogue official who used to translate the Torah reading sentence by sentence from Hebrew into Aramaic.
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