Tarheel state

Tar´heel state

n.1.North Carolina; - used as a nickname.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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2, the "bathroom bill, " in late December, the New York Times attacked the Tarheel State in a December 22 op-ed piece entitled "North Carolina Doubles Down on Bigotry.
More than 1,100 firefighters are trying to stop the wildfires in the Tarheel State.
Many businesses and cultural icons have boycotted the Tarheel State in protest.
But the conservative tide in the Tarheel State was too strong, and the measure became law.
he $27 billion State Employees' Credit Union said it waived more than $219,000 in non-sufficient funds fees during a late January winter blast that swept over the Tarheel State.
He, too, had roots in Antigua and thus had reason to possess a healthy regard for the fighting spirit of Africans and their own desire for domination--a point that may have occurred to residents of what became the Tarheel State. (30)
He is using his experience as a North Carolina teacher and coach to market the Ford's Gourmet Foods fundraising program to schools throughout the Tarheel state.
Elsewhere in the Tarheel state, other ex-tobacco farmers are being assisted by Pilot Mountain Pride in selling their produce to local food markets, including hospitals, schools and supermarkets.
Instead, Hovis argues that the yeoman farmer and other "plain folk" dominated the Tarheel state, leaving a lasting impression on the region's collective memory.
"There is nothing to support the proposition that the other states had an obligation under the compact to share the licensing costs through the commission, but we doubt that they did so out of love for the Tarheel State," Scalia wrote.
This guide leads readers into the mountains, waterfalls, beaches, historical sites, vineyards, and villages of North Carolina, on almost 30 scenic drives on back roads throughout the Tarheel State. The drives vary from 15 to 180 miles in length, for day trips and weekend getaways, going beyond the usual tourist attractions to explore little known gems like the mysterious Brown Mountain lights, and the Bear Shadow, visible only in the fall from US Highway 64.