Taricha granulosa

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Noun1.Taricha granulosa - newt of humid coast from Alaska to southern California
genus Taricha, Taricha - Pacific newts
Pacific newt - any of several rough-skinned newts found in western North America
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Rough-skinned Newts (Taricha granulosa) were observed most frequently among all sample sites and years on Mitkof and Wrangell Islands, with CPUEs of 0.33 and 0.12, respectively (Table 3).
(2003) Tetrodotoxin levels in eggs of the roughskin newt, Taricha granulosa, are correlated with female toxicity.
This ecological role has been well documented in rough-skinned newts (Taricha granulosa), in which high concentrations of TTX are found in the dorsal skin of adults [6].
(2003) found that levels of TTX in Taricha granulosa eggs are highly correlated with TTX levels in the dorsal skin of the mother.
Tetrodotoxin levels in eggs of the rough-skin newt, Taricha granulosa, are correlated with female toxicity.
For example, the interactions between tritons, Taricha granulosa, and snakes, Thamnophis sirtalis (Brodie, Ridenhour and Brodie, 2002), and between moths, Greya politella, and woodland star Lithophragma parviflorum (Thompson and Pellmyr, 1992) present evidence of evolution for only one of the interacting species.
Effects of courtship on brain gonadotropin hormone-releasing hormone and plasma steroid concentrations in a female amphibian (Taricha granulosa).
A fatal poisoning from the Oregon roughskinned newt (Taricha granulosa).
In this paper, we report on a study of variation in limb morphology in the salamandrid Taricha granulosa. This data base represents the largest-known series (452 individuals) from a single urodele population.
We found that occupancy of 3 amphibian species (California Red-legged Frog, Ram draytonii; Sierran Treefrog, Hyliola sierra; and Rough-skinned Newt, Taricha granulosa) among 21 coastal-dune drainages was high, with most coastal-dune drainages occupied by all 3 species.
To establish whether the Fugu [CB.sub.2]-like protein is an ortholog of mammalian [CB.sub.2] receptors, it was aligned with human [CB.sub.2], mouse [CB.sub.2], and [CB.sub.1] receptor sequences from several vertebrate species including Fugu ([CB.sub.1A] and [CB.sub.1B]), the amphibian Taricha granulosa, the zebra finch Taeniopygia guttata, human, rat, mouse, and cat (Fig.
Although reports of salamanders in tidal habitats in the Pacific Northwest are rare, Ferguson (1956) found Taricha granulosa (Rough-skinned Newts) in the tidal area of a stream in southern Oregon, and we also found a large breeding group (over 60 individuals) of this species in the same tidal area as the Dicamptodon we observed (Hopkins and Hopkins, pers.