Taricha torosa

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Noun1.Taricha torosa - newt that is similar to Taricha granulosa in characteristics and habitat
Pacific newt - any of several rough-skinned newts found in western North America
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clarkii has been linked to diminishing numbers of California newt (Taricha torosa), a species of special concern (Kats et al.
For example, olfactory sensitivity to TTX in California newts (Taricha torosa) has possibly arisen through mutation of receptors that otherwise target structurally mimetic arginine (Ferrer and Zimmer, 2007a).
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Digital variation in the pes of Taricha torosa. Phalangeal formulae are depicted with the departures from the standard arrangement shown in bold.
Ontogenetic changes in California newt (Taricha torosa) in response to chemical cues from conspecific predators.
As feeding generalists, adult Taricha torosa dine on a taxonomically diverse prey assemblage, including primarily insects, worms, snails, and other small invertebrates (Stebbins, 1972; Hanson et al., 1994; R.
Composition and structure of helminth communities of the salamanders, Aneides lugubris, Batrachoseps nigriventris, Ensatina eschscholtzii (Plethodontidae), and Taricha torosa (Salamandridae) from California.
Ledson Marsh serves as a breeding ground for many local amphibians, including California red-legged frogs (Rana draytoni), California newts (Taricha torosa) and rough-skinned newts (T.
Taricha torosa can live in mesic forests and in the drier habitats with oak forests, chaparral, rolling grasslands, and the more and gray pine-blue oak communities of the Sierra Nevada and likely does occur in the vicinity of the cave (Petranka 1998).
Species of Hedruris are generally associated with salamanders (Baker, 1987) and in the northwest United States have been reported in Taricha torosa and T.