a.1.Pertaining to or designating a rock or peak of the Capitoline hill, Rome, from which condemned criminals were hurled.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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We necessarily visited the Forum, where Caesar was assassinated, and also the Tarpeian Rock.
"Meet me on the Tarpeian Rock tomorrow evening, dear, at sharp
Manchegan Nero, look not down From thy Tarpeian Rock Upon this burning heart, nor add The fuel of thy wrath.
There the Capitol thou seest, Above the rest lifting his stately head On the Tarpeian rock, her citadel Impregnable; and there Mount Palatine, The imperial palace, compass huge, and high The structure, skill of noblest architects, With gilded battlements, conspicuous far, Turrets, and terraces, and glittering spires.
And I know that there are too many forms of conservatism in this country, too many potential blockages and thromboses, too many fanatics who swore as one, before Macron's election, to spurn the banker who would be president and to fling him from the Tarpeian Rock.
Behind the figures, massive architectural structures are situated in front of the Capitoline Hill and Tarpeian Rock, occupying a prominent visual role.
This sparked a war with the Sabines, and during the war Tarpeia, the daughter of a Roman general, betrayed Rome to the Sabines in exchange for what the Sabines "wore on their left arms." Tarpeia allegedly craved the Sabines' golden jewelry, but the Sabines also bore their shields on their left arms; they crushed her to death with their shields, and her body was hurled from Tarpeian Rock, a place that became an execution site for Roman traitors.
At the Tarpeian Rock, (13) from which, during the early Republic, traitors to the Republic were thrown in execution for their crimes, Miriam incites Donatello to throw down her "pagan ghost." Here, a violent solution to the antagonistic heights/depths dichotomy of Rome clearly links action and place.
The popularity of Hawthorne's novel inspired WD Howells, after his sojourn in Venice as consul from 1861 to 1865, to travel to Rome 'looking for the Tarpeian Rock, less for Tarpeia's sake than for the sake of Miriam and Donatello and the Model.' (45) But Rome did not have the aesthetic charm it had for Hawthorne, as Howells stated right away in the first two paragraphs.
(66) Methods of capital punishment varied by the crime committed, such as being hurled from the Tarpeian Rock for giving false witness, or being burned at the stake for committing arson with malice aforethought.
In 214 BCE, during the Second Punic War, Fabius Maximus sent 370 Roman deserters from towns he had recaptured in Italy to Rome, with orders that they be scourged in the comitium and thrown from the Tarpeian rock (Liv.
Palladio's own preface celebrates the distinction and learning of the members of Goritz's academy, represented as though located in fifth-century Athens instead of within view of the remains of the imperial fora, and the Muses represented as though removed from Helicon and Parnassus to the Quirinal Hill and Tarpeian rock (Bober: 237).