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n.1.A kind of clay for making melting pots.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Tasco's business management software suite is designed exclusively for retailers, repair centers, wholesalers, distributors and re-manufacturers in the automotive tire and wheel aftermarket.
in respect of an exclusive option to acquire six mineral claims, comprising 6,586.144 hectares, located in Clinton Mining Division, British Columbia, known as the Tasco Property.
Highpointe Exploration (TSX VENTURE:HIP), a company engaged in mineral exploration in British Columbia, is planning to proceed with the exploration programme on its Tasco property, according to Robert Coltura, President and CEO.
Tasco reminded his audience that reaction 10 the last upward cycle started a momentum which led, in pan, to prosperity for the industry's reinsurers.
Earlier this year he started a division called Troubled Asset Solutions Co., or Tasco, to help banks clean up and sell off properties they may have obtained through foreclosure.
The conference co-host was WIMG Past President Marian Tasco, council majority leader of Philadelphia.
A Tasco 60-mm (2.4-inch) refractor, it was the first of three things in 1968 that triggered my lifelong interest in the night sky.
Although it came without optics I mounted a Tasco red-dot sight.
It also has the Tasco Rubicon lens coating for brighter images.
McIsaac has more than 25 years of leadership experience in various consumer products businesses, including Tasco, Brunswick, Remington, Zebco, True Temper and Samsonite Furniture.
1980)); or (2) a transaction in which T fails to completely liquidate and new T becomes T's alter ego; see Telephone Answering Service Co., Inc., (TASCO), 63 TC 423 (1974), aff'd, 546 F2d 423 (4th Cir.