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A trademark for a brand of conducted electrical weapons that cause neuromuscular incapacitation, used widely in law enforcement.
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(Firearms, Gunnery, Ordnance & Artillery) trademark a weapon that fires electrical probes that give an electric shock, causing temporary paralysis
(Firearms, Gunnery, Ordnance & Artillery) (tr) to stun (someone) with a taser
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(ˈteɪ zər)

a small gunlike device that fires electric darts to incapacitate a person temporarily.
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But while some forces in the West Midlands have increased the number of officers carrying the weapons, they are unlikely to follow the lead of Northamptonshire Police, which has announced it will be issuing all officers with Tasers.
EFFECTIVE Cop tests Taser device Police Scotland's use of Tasers on suspects has risen by 400 per cent in three years, figures have revealed.
THE use of stun guns by North Wales Police more than doubled in less than five years, with children and even dogs targeted with tasers.
The shocking revelation comes as it's revealed police are on course to have used tasers on more people in 2018 than in either of the last two years.
TASERS are being used more often by Merseyside Police, new Home Office figures show.
USE of tasers against children potentially as young as 11 in Leicestershire soared last year.
THE use of Tasers against children as young as 15 in West Yorkshire has increased by two-thirds in a year.
The Murphysboro City Council approved a plan to replace the Tasers currently in use by the police department.
People who could be classified as 'vulnerable' comprise more than half of the 1,028 cases identified by Reuters in which people died after being shocked by Tasers. Out of these, 245 people had a heart condition and 643 people were drunk or high on drugs, RT reported.
issue officers Tasers, or stun guns, to equip officers with non-lethal means to subdue suspects. However, these guns often prove to be fatal for the suspects, if not used properly.
? WMP uses M26 Tasers which are capable of firing a 50,000-volt shock to highly aggressive people who are considered to pose a high risk to themselves or other people including police officers.