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Noun1.Taskent - the capital of UzbekistanTaskent - the capital of Uzbekistan    
Republic of Uzbekistan, Uzbekistan, Uzbek - a landlocked republic in west central Asia; formerly an Asian soviet
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In the leaves, LT10, LT50 and LT90 (temperatures causing lethal freezing), the cultivars and breeding lines studied were classified as sensitive (35, 47, 43, 11, 9, 24, 8, 111, 171, 116 (Tore), 46, 27) tolerant (45, 26, 19, 54, 13, 113 (Urunlu), 22, 16, 21, 40, 161) and resistant (115 (Taskent), 14, 112 (Ozkaynak), 114 (Kirazli), 34, 117 (Ulubatli), 6, 10).
"Both of these factors may have helped to limit the amount of Neanderthal DNA that was retained by human populations in the region," researcher Recep Ozgur Taskent, the first study author, said in the statement.
C4 Konya: Hadim, 3 km from Hadim to Taskent, steppe, 1580 m, 11.06.2011, S.Karaman 2620 & Y.Karaman (holotype: GAZI, isotypes: ANK, GAZI).
Manifestations of anxiety, unrest, oppression, heavy feelings of unexpected burdens, as if disasters might occur, again, any time: "Even when returned from Taskent, we did not actually believed we are already putting foot on our lands.
Meanwhile, British number three Naomi Broady is out of the Taskent Open in Uzbekistan after a secondround loss to Irina Khromacheva.
damascenus can be presented as follows: Izmir prov.: Bornova, Antalya prov.: Alanya (Demelt and Alkan, 1962; Demelt, 1963); Hatay prov.: Yukari Ekinci village, Kahramanmaras prov.: Pazarcik, Osmaniye prov.: Urun plateau, Karacalar village, Kazmaca village, Cona village, Bocekli village, Toprakkale (Ozdikmen et al., 2010); Antalya prov.: Akseki-Manavgat road, Konya prov.: Taskent-Alanya road, between Hadim-Bozkir, Taskent: Ilicapinar, Hadim-Alanya road, Sarimut-Karapinar, Bozkir (Turgut and Ozdikmen, 2010); Hakkari prov.: Kolbasi, Mus prov.: Buglan pass, Tunceli prov.: 16 km S of Pulumur (Sama et al., 2012); Karabuk prov.: Eskipazar (Yardibi and Tozlu, 2013).
The Turkish companies who met with the Prime Minister included Mustafa Koc, Chairman Koc Group, Oguz Carmikli, Vice-Chairman Nurol Group, Hakan Ozman, CEO and Deputy Chairman of GAMA Holding, Nehat Ozdemir, Chairman Limak Holding, Ibrahim Cecin, Chairman IC Holding, Alp Yalcin Taskent, Chairman of STFA Ahmet Albayrak, Chairman of Albayrak Group, Ahmet Zorlu, Chairman of Zorlu Holdings, Korhan Kurdoglu, President of ATA Holding, Turgay Ciner, Chairman and CEO of Ciner Group,
Ziya Taskent, senior vice president of marketing and sales for Turkish Airlines, said: "As part of Turkish Airlines' planned expansion in Saudi Arabia and the wider Middle East we are delighted to be launching direct flights from Al Qassim to Istanbul, connecting over a million residents from the city to more than 220 worldwide destinations."