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 (tăs′ō, tä′sō), Torquato 1544-1595.
Italian poet who wrote the epic Jerusalem Delivered (1581), an account of the capture of the city during the First Crusade.


(Italian ˈtasso)
(Biography) Torquato (torˈkwaːto). 1544–95, Italian poet, noted for his pastoral idyll Aminta (1573) and for Jerusalem Delivered (1581), dealing with the First Crusade


(ˈtæs oʊ, ˈtɑ soʊ)

Torquato, 1544–95, Italian poet.
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Noun1.Tasso - Italian poet who wrote an epic poem about the capture of Jerusalem during the First Crusade (1544-1595)Tasso - Italian poet who wrote an epic poem about the capture of Jerusalem during the First Crusade (1544-1595)
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