Tasto solo

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single touch; - in old music, a direction denoting that the notes in the bass over or under which it is written should be performed alone, or with no other chords than unisons and octaves.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Soprano solo, flauto, 2 corni, 2 violini, viola, bassi (violoncello, contrabbasso ed organo tasto solo) oder in der Bearbeitung fur Soprano solo ed organo von Paul Horn.
Thus the passivity/activity of the soloist ranges from tasto solo realization (merely doubling the string basses), through chordal realization and obbligato accompaniment to accompanied solo figuration (and, it might be added, unaccompanied solo figuration).
2, which contains two significant rubrics absent in the autograph and unmentioned in the edition: the direction "ohne Clavier" (tasto solo) above the bass staff, lending greater authority to Hobohm's editorial indication of "allein"; and the paradoxical performance direction "ernsthaft lustig" (serious-funny) beneath the staff, surely a characterization of the Polish style of the instrumental introduction.
Tasto solo is used for piano for the ending of the first half of the fifth movement of Sonata no.4, and a real change of texture is found in the last movement of Sonata no.11 (ex.10, trill f#'-g#' or e'-f#?).