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interj. Vulgar Slang
A breast. Usually used of a woman.

[Perhaps of baby-talk origin and akin to teat and tit.]
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Still, when he had looked back from the gate, he had seen his mother kneeling among the po- tato parings.
We 'ad some old 'tatoes about, but mocely we lived on rats.
Tato said the sign posts were to slow down motorists as they approached the area, saying they took drastic measures after realising that conducting sensitisation in public forums and school forums on proper road usage did not stop the accidents.
Both were taken to a hospital for immediate medical attention, but Tato was declared dead on arrival at the Immaculate Heart of Mary Hospital in Virac town.
Tato Key is also reasonably prominent at 16/1 with the same firm.
Tato Key is an unknown quantity for Marnane, having arrived from South America, where he won 12 of his 14 sprints.
Contudo, "nem sempre fruem disso--ou, ao menos, nao e disso que fruem os intemperantes--mas sim do gozo que surge completamente por meio do tato como nos alimentos, na bebida e nos prazeres que sao ditos serem de Afrodite" ([phrase omitted]; 1118a29-32).
Following the significant decline in oil prices since 2015, global rates relatively recovered in 2017 in the wake of the Opec's output cut deal that pushed prices 27 per cent up tato $70 per barrel.
Bernard Tayong said the group of Commanders Manzur Imbong and Pong Unsil fought with the group of MNLF Commander Tato Manial at Barangay Marbel.