Tatra Mountains

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Ta·tra Mountains

A range of the Carpathian Mountains in east-central Europe along the Slovak-Polish border. The Tatras are a popular resort area.

Tatra Mountains

(ˈtɑːtrə; ˈtæt-)
pl n
(Placename) a mountain range along the border between Slovakia and Poland, extending for about 64 km (40 miles): the highest range of the central Carpathians. Highest peak: Gerlachovka, 2663 m (8737 ft). Also called: High Tatra

Ta′tra Moun′tains

(ˈtɑ trə)
a mountain range in N Slovakia and S Poland: a part of the Carpathian Mountains. Highest peak, Gerlachovka, 8737 ft. (2663 m).
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The term "Goral" means a mountain ranger who lives in the Tatra Mountains.
The medieval university city of Krakow, Poland's former capital, and Zakopane, Poland's highest city, amidst the spectacular Tatra Mountains.
The region offers the opportunity for customers to combine business with recreation: the city was named the European Capital of Culture in 2013, and is close to six UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the Tatra mountains, several national parks, and the well-known Tokaj wine region.
But if you're eagle-eyed enough to spot it and curious enough to venture inside you'll find an invigorating mish-mash of trinkets, transporting the diner from inner-city Digbeth to a Polish hunting lodge on the slopes of the Tatra Mountains.
00 Prague, Krakow & the Tatra Mountains Explore the stunning heart of Europe on this wonderful escorted tour of the Czech Republic and Poland.
Synopsis: "Border Crossings: Coming of Age in the Czech Resistance" is the captivating, tender memoir of Charles Novacek, a Czechoslovakian whose idyllic childhood exploring the Tatra Mountains was shattered by the Nazi occupation of his homeland.
00 Prague, Krakow & the Tatra Mountains Flying direct from Birmingham on March-July, Sep 2014 Explore the Czech Republic's breath-taking capital and Poland's stunning ancient Royal seat.
These include the Wieliczka salt mine and the Tatra Mountains which lie to the south and the equally interesting city of Czestochowa to the north.
Fine hotels throughout and a chance to visit the Brandenburg Gate, the site of Auschwitz, the Tatra Mountains, Buda Castle, the Bohemian Forest and the Romantic Road to the Alps - to name but a tiny bit of a top trip.
Price includes: | Direct flights from Edinburgh to Prague returning from Budapest | Airport taxes, hand & hold luggage | 7 nights central 3* hotels with breakfast (2 nights Prague/2 nights Vienna/3 nights Budapest) | Rail travel from Prague to Vienna/Vienna to Budapest | Return airport transfers 7 nights from PS599pp CHARMING and magical, Krakow is a wonderful city to explore before heading down to the breathtakingly beautiful Tatra Mountains and the town of Zakopane.
In southern Poland, on the northern fringe of the Tatra Mountains, the highest mountain range in the Carpathians, sits Krakow.
Well, at least that's how it seemed to this new kid on the block - so when somebody suggested the calm and the tranquillity of the Tatra Mountains in Slovakia for my first faltering steps on the slopes, it sounded like a great idea.