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An Austronesian language spoken in the Sulu Archipelago.

[Tausug : ta'u, people + sūg, current.]
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Luckily, my family came from Mindanao and speaks Tausug and Yakan,' Ang said.
Currently detained by the Philippine National Police (PNP), Salapuddin, 49, alias Cesar, is a Tausug who hails from Tungkil, Jolo Sulu.
I have said it before and I will say it again, among all the cuisines from the different tribes in the Philippines, the one from the Tausug tribe of Sulu will always be my favorite.
READ:Solons seek House probe into 'massacre' of 7 Tausug men Panelo said Congress would have the final say on whether the martial law in Mindanao would be extended.
Built on stilts, the Tausug house from Sulu typifies the home of a sultan.
Veetil, who is married to a local Tausug woman, was abducted last June 22.
Last March 4, President Rodrigo Duterte admitted that he asked the court to allow Misuari to travel abroad because he believes the latter - whom he described as a true Tausug - would return to the country and help his government.
The office of Assistant State Prosecutor Ethel Rea Suril said a preliminary investigation was held last Thursday over the complaint filed against suspected ASG member Karah Musa Salapuddin, 49, alias Cesar, a Tausug who hails from Tungkil, Jolo Sulu.
The launch of the Davao leg featured cultural presentations from the Tausug community, AL Navarro National High School, Davao City National High School, Sidlakan Theater Collective, Mansaka Tribe of Maragusan, Sibulan Tribal Council, Ata-Manobo Tribe of Talaingod, Poppert Bernadas and Bayang Barrios.
, 1 United Transport Koalisyon, Kusug Tausug, Global Workers and Family Federation Inc.
Twenty finalists took inspiration from the 11 tribes of Davao: Sama, Maranao, Tagabawa, Iranun, Tausug, Ata, Klata-Guiangan, Ovu-Manuvo, Matigsalog, Kagan and Maguindanaon.
Many self-proclaimed sultans of Sulu "have no legitimacy or mandate from the Tausug people [of Sulu]," Julkarnain said.