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One that pays taxes or is subject to taxation.

tax′pay′ing adj.


a person or organization that pays taxes or is liable to taxation
ˈtaxˌpaying adj


(ˈtæksˌpeɪ ər)

a person who pays a tax or is subject to taxation.
tax′pay`ing, adj., n.
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Noun1.taxpayer - someone who pays taxes
payer, remunerator - a person who pays money for something
ratepayer - a person who pays local rates (especially a householder)
دَافِعُ الضَرَائِبدافِع الضَّريبَه
daňový poplatník
porezni obveznik
daňový poplatník
vergi mükellefivergi yükümlüsü
người đóng thuế


[ˈtæksˌpeɪəʳ] Ncontribuyente mf


tax payer [ˈtækspeɪər] ncontribuable mf
taxpayers' money → l'argent du contribuabletax purposes npl
for tax purposes → pour raisons fiscalestax rebate nristourne f fiscaletax relief ndégrèvements mpl d'impôtstax return ndéclaration f de revenustax shelter nniche f fiscaletax year nannée f fiscale


[ˈtæksˌpeɪəʳ] ncontribuente m/f


(tӕks) noun
1. money, eg a percentage of a person's income or of the price of goods etc taken by the government to help pay for the running of the state. income tax; a tax on tobacco.
2. a strain or burden. The continual noise was a tax on her nerves.
1. to make (a person) pay (a) tax; to put a tax on (goods etc). He is taxed on his income; Alcohol is taxed.
2. to put a strain on. Don't tax your strength!
ˈtaxable adjective
liable to be taxed. taxable income/goods.
taxˈation noun
the act or system of taxing.
ˈtaxing adjective
mentally or physically difficult. a taxing job.
ˌtax-ˈfree adjective, adverb
without payment of tax. tax-free income.
ˈtaxpayer noun
a citizen who pays taxes.
ˈtax (someone) with
to accuse (a person) of. I taxed him with dishonesty.


دَافِعُ الضَرَائِب daňový poplatník skatteyder Steuerzahler φορολογούμενος contribuyente veronmaksaja contribuable porezni obveznik contribuente 納税者 납세자 belastingbetaler skattebetaler podatnik contribuinte налогоплательщик skattebetalare ผู้เสียภาษี vergi yükümlüsü người đóng thuế 纳税人
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ISLAMABAD -- The Federal Board of Revenue released the Active Taxpayers List for tax year 2017 and revealed a steep decline of over 131,000 active tax payers in last one year.
Credible sources told to this that World Bank has asked to increase the tax payers in country.
of tax payers in Pakistan was even less than of Afghanistan
ISLAMABAD -- Chairman National Assembly Standing Committee on Finance, Qaiser Ahmed Sheikh on Wednesday said the present government after coming into power had made efforts to increase tax payers and GDP growth rate.
PRA is working hard not only to expand its tax net but is also helping the tax payers understand the benefits and necessity of taxes.
Politicians have turned a blind eye to these people and appear to be more concerned about the plight of those in other countries, and so in the name of international aid development give away PS13bn a year of British tax payers money.
KARACHI -- Many of the tax payers in the metropolis were facing difficulties because of `IT problems' in the National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) `Model Branch' of Kehkeshan, Clifton.
Questions need to asked as the Council have a fiduciary duty to all council tax payers.
Actress-TV host Maine Mendoza has been hailed as one of the top regional individual tax payers of the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) 5, Caloocan City.
Mohammad Irshad Wednesday said that the new tax laws will have no effects on the existing tax payers rather through this way it would increase the network for a prosperous Pakistan.
eAE Lower rate of three percent introduced for very small tax payers who meet specified conditions
The tax directory issued by Federal Board of Revenue for tax year 2015 on Friday revealed names of top corporate tax payers including Oil and Gas Development Company Limited (OGDCL) with Rs 26,078,834,683, followed by Habib Bank Ltd of Rs 13,640,853,999, and Government Holding (Pvt) Ltd with Rs 11,363,438,285.