tax stamp

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tax′ stamp`

a stamp affixed to certain products or documents to indicate that a required tax has been paid.
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But for second home owners and landlords looking to add buy to let properties to their portfolio, the Chancellor dealt another blow by announcing a 3% extra levy in land tax stamp duty on such purchases with effect from April, 2016.
The official said the new tax stamp will be available in airports and land and sea border crossings as well as in tax offices, travel agencies and different tourist facilities.
If you're caught with illegal drugs in Nebraska, for example, but don't have a state-issued drug tax stamp, you'll face a fine on top of criminal charges.
OTCBB:INKS) to acquire substantially all of Inksure's brand protection and tax stamp authentication assets, including its long-standing customer relationships and authentication products.
Awards for design, innovations, implementation of tax stamp programs are awarded at this internatioanl contest annually.
1,000 XAF per tax stamp (for certification of non-usage of personnel)
In the USA, the State of Indiana rejected the use of this system following the experience of the state of California where the incidences of smuggling and counterfeit cigarettes have not been stopped despite the use of the encrypted tax stamp system.
Lawyers have taken the hard way contrary to all other intellectual sectors with their insistence on the tax stamp law.
The fact was the young man had possessed a firearm that was technically illegal under federal law, only because he lacked the $5 tax stamp for a government-approved AOW.
a SIC FA company, is introducing a new excise tax stamp solution to help curtail the counterfeiting of excise tax stamps and to enable state governments to more effectively collect owed tobacco excise taxes.
55 Boys must be registered with the ATF as a Class III destructive device with a $200 tax stamp.
Fakes look just like the real thing, even down to the Irish health warnings and the Irish tax stamp.